We are North America’s source for high-quality headless dowel pins and machine keys for more than 75 years.

Quality, innovation and dedication since 1944. Specializing in precise Pins and Keys. Headless Pins, Dowel Pins and Machine Keys.

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About Us

In 1944 an inventor, machinist, and businessman saw a new low cost way to de-burr machined parts, so Tumbling Supplies was born. Tumbling Supplies was built from an idea that was backed by core values.

Tumbling Supplies evolved into a manufacturer of headless dowel pins and machine keys (Pin-Key Mfg.) that are manufactured from our internally designed machines, which provides us the capability to efficiently produce your products. We specialize in producing small to mid size pins and keys with reliable quality at a low cost.

To this day, Pin-Key Manufacturing is still a family owned and operated business backed by those original core values of; Integrity and Ethics, Respect, Innovation, and Drive. Simply put, we always respect our customers and employees so everyone does the right thing to create the best quality products for our valued customers.

Why Choose Us?

At our company, we pride ourselves on keeping our employees up to date on industry standards and practices. We also strive to provide a working environment that encourages growth and promotes excellence to give our clients the best customer service.


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Our team supports a broad range of industries such as medical, lighting and safety, manufacturing, electrical, automotive, general industrial, and HVAC. As we value client satisfaction, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality products, fast and efficient turnarounds, and bulk discounts.

We do not have any middleman since we like to take matters into our own hands. Because of this, you can directly talk to us about your concerns. Request a quote today!