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Quality, innovation and dedication since 1944. Specializing in precise Pins and Keys.

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Specialized Pins and Keys

Pin Key produces headless pins in .011" - .198" diameter with lengths up to 3" while maintaining close tolerances, +/- .0002" diameter and +/-.003"length. From a key perspective we can do 1/16" to 5mm square with lengths up to 2". 

What Industry Are You In?

We support a broad range of industries such as medical, Lighting and Safety, manufacturing, electrical, automotive, general industrial and HVAC. Our customers set the tone and are the key to driving our business. Our Suppliers are held to stringent standards and quality allowing us to produce the finest finished parts.

What Are Your Needs? And Your Companies Needs?

Every Engineer, Project Manager, Maintenance Leader, Buyer, and Sourcing Manager has needs, to not only accomplish their own objectives, but meet your companies needs.  Let us help you with the precision quality, timing and terms needed.

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