Headless Pins, Dowel Pins, and Machine Keys

To meet the needs of our diverse clientele, we offer headless pins, dowel pins, and machine keys in a variety of steels and tolerance. Our team also guarantees the stellar quality and on-time delivery of our products.

Quality, innovation and dedication since 1944. Specializing in precise Pins and Keys. Headless Pins, Dowel Pins and Machine Keys.

Machine Keys

  • Stock Sizes: 1/16" sq., 3/32" sq., 1/8" sq., 3/16" sq., 1/4" sq.
  • Metric Sizes: 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm.
  • Plating available
  • Heat Treating available

Dowel and Locational Pins

  • All Steel and Stainless Steel Available
  • Diameters from .011" to .197"
  • Tolerances to .0005"
  • Rust inhibitor, clean and dry

For special sizes, alloys, plating, etc., please call, email, or write for a quotation.


Industries We Support

We support a broad range of industries such as HVAC, lighting and safety, manufacturing, medical, general industrial, electrical, and automotive. Our team ensures that our suppliers are held to stringent quality control standards, allowing us to produce only the finest finished parts. By meeting our customers’ needs, we are able to keep our business going.

Frequently Asked Questions

Average Delivery Rate When On Hand:

Most standard-sized stocks are for immediate shipment.

Types of Shipping:

We offer a variety of shipping options from UPS to Old Dominion. You can contact us to learn more.

Average Delivery Rate to Manufacturer:

Most orders can be fulfilled within 2 weeks depending on order size and request.

Quality Control:


Recurring Shipment:


Bulk Order Discount:


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